Massage By Brandon
Providing Professional, Massage Services for the Body and Mind 
Offering Non-Judgmental, Massages with Integrity and Compassion
For All Men, Regardless of Body Size or Type, Race, Sexual Orientation of Legal Age


All Rates Are Valid thru December 31, 2018.
I have kept my rates extremely reasonable so men from all walks of life, can enjoy the many Health Benefits of  a Full-Body Massage Session.
I offer A wide Range and Selection of Massage Session lengths, Each one is always, unique and customized, and tailored for your specific needs.

My Most Common Lengths of Sessions are 90, and 120 Minutes these are Full-Body Massage Sessions.  
do offer A shorter 60 Minute body Specific Session.

Un-Like Some Massage Therapists 
All Session are from the Time that you are on the Table, not from the Time you Arrive and complete and Full Times are Always guaranteed!

60 Minutes $70 (1.0 Hour)
90 Minutes $100 (1.5 Hours)

120 Minutes $120(2.0 Hours)

150 Minutes $150 (2.5 Hours)


Let A professional take care of what your barber won't.  $25 

**Hot Stone Massage   Aproximate 120/150 Minutes $165**

Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Relaxation Session.
As 120 minute of Complete and Sublime relaxation engulfs
you from Head to Toe in this Full-Body Massage Session.
Allow yourself to be Completely submersed in The Ultimate Total Full-Body Relaxation Session. As Your Are Pampered & Massaged from Head to Toe.  This Session is for designed for Clients whom need the ultimate Relaxation, of the body and mind that  can alleviate Mental and Physical Exhaustion  of Everyday life with A Comprehensive and Meticulous Head to Toe Massage Experience.
***During this time up to 3 Prostate Massage Can be Performed***

90 Minute Session.
THIS is My Most Common Length Session. 

Prepare yourself for An Un-Rused and allow your self to
be  guided thorough
A 90 Minute Journey into total Relaxation,
and tranquility.  

90 Full minute of Complete and  Diligent, relaxation techniques envelope you from
Head to Toe in this Full-Body Massage Session.
Allow yourself to be in Complete submersion for 1.5 hours of Total Full-Body Relaxation Session for the Mind, body, & Spirit  This Session is for designed for Clients whom need to find A space of
 tranquil Relaxation; to alleviate Mental and Physical fatigue and De-Stress with A Comprehensive and uncompromising massage Experience, that will leave you re-freshed, Relaxed and Energized
to start tackling Life.

***During this time up to 2 Prostate Massage Can be Performed*** 

60 Minute Session.
The Basic Massage.
This massage Session is designed for Men who need to Relax and De-Stress from the Stress of Everyday Life.
In this session, you will experience all of the Massage techniques as in the 120, and 90 minute sessions, but not in such great detail. This is great for targeting body specific areas, when you do hot have the time for A 120
or 90 Minute Full Body Session.
It will Relax and alleviate Stress but in A more concise period of time.  
This Session is not As Thorough as the 120 or 90 Minute Full-Body Session but it will Leave you Refreshed and ready to tackle life.

***During this time A Prostate Massage Can be Performed at the End of the Session***

***Please Note As I'm an extremely In-Tuned massage Therapist I can not read your mind Like I do your Body, so if you would like 3 prostate massages within a 120 min session, or 2 within A 90 minute session Please tell me Before we start, so adequate time can be allowed for your maximum Pleasure***

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