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Prostate Massage
This Page Is Here Because I Care....As A Man Its So Important for Men to
Educate themselves about their own Bodies.
Because So Many Men COULD BE SPARED A lot of Needless Grief if they would only Take better Care of All of their Body not Just Part, but all of their body Prostate Included. 

This Page Is entirely devoted to help educate people about; Prostate Massages, Practices, Benefits, Side Effects, and diminish stigma around this 7,000 year old treatment for men.

How's your prostate doing today?????
Many men are embarrassed by this subject because we in the Western world are taught that this type of subject is disgusting. It isn't. Many think that prostate massage is nothing more than another means of sexual gratification. It most certainly is not! It is a valuable tool for maintaining good prostate health.


Each year millions of men develop enlarged, inflamed, or life
threatening tumorous prostates. Most men are expected to
have some type of prostate issue, and the longer you live
the more you are at risk, but prostate massage can help!

Prostate massage or "Prostate Milking" increases circulation and reduces suffering in many cases. Improving circulation can also increase the effectiveness of medicines. Few things compare with the simplicity and effectiveness of strengthening your prostate muscles and reflexes. Medical doctors have prescribed prostate massage for centuries. Prostate massage is one of the oldest therapies, and it can make you feel better than you ever thought possible!

Traditionally, doctors would massage their patients' prostates regularly to cure or prevent disease. Now, however, most doctors only check the prostate, and if they find a problem prefer to cut it out or prescribe medication. But a doctor is not necessarily required for prostate massage. You can do it yourself or have your partner do it for you. Try this practice and discover its health benefits. When you do it yourself, you can be very gentle and make the treatment pleasurable as well as efficacious.

Some people have a psychological block against examining or massaging their prostates. They think the anus is dirty. But there is nothing dirty about the body, which must be cared for. The only thing that might be considered dirty is disease; and these practices are intended to prevent and cure disease through regular care for the entire body, including the anus and prostate.

Many men are troubled by these massages because they think there is something "homosexual" about it, especially if it is pleasurable. They might feel differently if they knew the extent to which neglect ultimately results in prostate dysfunction, malfunction, and disease. Inserting a finger into the anus never turned anyone into a homosexual.

It is important that men examine themselves often by checking the condition of their prostates. You can determine the condition of the prostate by feeling for changes in size and resilience. Check this as often as possible, at least weekly, and you will be able to establish a standard for yourself. By doing so, you will be able to detect any changes in the size and flexibility of your prostate.

A very hard, enlarged, or painful prostate is an indication of a disorder that could lead to cancer or some other major problem. However, prostate disorders do not develop overnight, and regular massage can prevent and reverse problems.

Medical science accepts that it is normal for men over the age of fifty to experience problems with their prostates. Although prostate problems may be common, they are not normal. They are abnormal.

There is no need for any man to have prostate problems. With regular examination and massage, prostate problems MAY never occur at all.

  Prostate Massage has the Inherent properties to increase blood flow which help promote A health prostate, and inhibit prostate related conditions such as  prostate cancer, and prostatitis and
 HELP Improve Erectile Dysfunction 

•Greatly increased blood flow in and around the prostate, which HELPS  increased circulation and can Help PREVENT and IMPROVE Problems associated with Erectile Dysfunction in Men of All ages, and Also increase the effects of Certain Erectile Dsyfunction Medications such as Viagra, Cialis and  Levitra

Prostate Massage Therapy for Sexual Health
You may have heard stories about how men, especially those in Asian countries, have used prostate massage therapy to enhance their sexual performance, and these tales are true. In fact, historically men who were involved with many women or had many wives hired monks or doctors to administer prostate massage to help ensure they could perform sexually.  As one of 8 American to have attended and received my Ph.D from the Only University in the World that offers such A program
Prostate Massage therapy is often used to treat the symptoms of prostatitis, BPH or enlarged prostate in men as well as for sexual health.When it comes to achieving and supporting sexual health, some of the important factors men need to consider are practicing safe sex, maintaining good hygiene, engaging in an active sex life, not smoking (reduces blood circulation), limiting alcohol consumption, and eating a healthful diet,

Prostate Massage Therapy
Today, prostate massage therapy is usually viewed in a somewhat different light, as it has been recognized as beneficial both for medicinal purposes (e.g., relieving symptoms of an enlarged prostate or prostatitis) as well as for maintaining and supporting prostate and sexual health. Regardless of your reason for trying prostate massage therapy, all men are encouraged to consult their healthcare provider before receiving a prostate massage to ensure it is safe for them to do so.
Briefly, prostate massage therapy is the application of either external or internal massage to the prostate for the purpose of enhancing blood flow, improving urinary flow, and helping maintain the integrity of the prostate tissue. A prostate massage can be performed in several ways:
   Massage is done by applying light pressure,
and then releasing it, to different areas of the gland.
Pressure on the center of the prostate should release prostatic
fluid to the end of the penis.
    The most common way for prostate massage is done by internal use, where a special instrument is lubricated and inserted into the man’s anus to administer
massage to the prostate

    Application pressure to the perineum, which is the area located between the anus and scrotum. Gentle pressure should be applied to the entire length of the perineum for a massage effect

Prostate massage therapy is also known as prostate milking, and the reason is that when you massage the prostate, you stimulate the release of prostatic fluid, which in turn opens up channels in the prostate and reduces any inflammation. A prostate massage also increases the flow of fluids that can
Enhance orgasms and erectile function by improving pelvic muscle tone and increase blood flow to the Prostate and Surrounding tissue.

Another benefit of prostate massage therapy is that men can improve their prostate and sexual health in complete privacy, and discreteness.
However, men should still check with their doctor to be sure they are a candidate for prostate massages, and inform me of any Previous Prostate Problems such as Cancer, or Prostatitis.

By directly stimulate muscles in the area of the prostate, relax the prostate gland, reduce inflammation, and improve blood and fluid flow to the gland and surrounding area, which can help men achieve and maintain better prostate and sexual health.
Occasionally it can typically takes several session
before men notice the MANY benefits prostate massage therapy
In Asia, and Eastern Massage Practices and beliefs the Prostate is referred to as the
 or Sacred Spot of a man or "G-Spot in Western Culture"  In Asia, and Eastern Medicinal Practices  This Male G-Spot is a man's emotional sex center. Massaging the man's prostate releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress. Coupled with stimulation of his penis or "lingam", massaging his prostate can be extremely pleasurable and healing to the man. Since the most direct way to massage the man's Sacred Spot is through his anus, it takes time to adjust to being penetrated in this way.
It is not for every man. The benefits are many and the pleasure can be very intense. You should always have A genuinely comfort with the practitioner as relaxation is an important and key factor. one another, massaging the sacred spot can be a powerful experience. Not only in terms of ecstatic pleasure for the "receiver", but in the sexual empowerment it bestows afterward which is Normally associated with A Higher Libido and increased stamina, and overall sexual satisfaction. 
Why is prostate massage pleasurable?  There are number of reasons:

    Ejaculation Reflex Sensation
It is not possible to touch the prostate directly, The nearest indirect access is through the rectal wall, which means that there is still a membrane in the way. This is somewhat akin to the inhibiting sensitivity of a glove. Despite this restriction the lobes of the prostrate are highly sensitive to pressure. An array of sensations may be produced by pressing, rubbing or by means of stroking the gland through the rectal wall.
The most profound of these feelings is similar to that sublime sensation
which is normally felt during ejaculation, as the prostate begins pumping semen.

    Anal Sensitivity
    Along with the genital areas, the anus is connected to and interwoven with millions of delicately sensitive nerve endings, which can yield most pleasurable sensations.

    Hidden Penis
    Unknown to most, over one third of the penis is buried inside the body. It is the base of the (hidden) penis which may be pressured in a similar manner as the prostate. The effect of stimulating all three can be awesome, if done in concert with genital stimulation. Still more overwhelming than the physiological effects is the psychological aspect of prostate massage, due to the unaccustomed nature of penetration of the receiver.

    Psychological High
    As powerful as physiological stimulation might be, it pales when compared to the immeasurably greater psychological or mental high. The very notion of the male placing himself into such a vulnerable position, results in a powerful mental rush,. The willingness of the naturally controlling male to allow himself to placed in an unaccustomed submissive role, should be particularly cherished, as A role reversal which usually helps promote a stronger Psychological Libido.    

     This is one of the most commonly asked questions.  So I begin by saying as with any Massage, certain basic rules apply. 
    Taking a hot shower or bath prior to the massage is a good way to relax. While showering or bathing the receiver will find it easy for basic hygiene.
Its Important to remember that the prostate is located only about 2 to 3 inches, and rarely is there any  fecal matter in that area. 

    It will be up to both the practitioner and massage recipient to decide when relaxation is sufficient to start. Beginning with circular motions,  stroking the anal opening. The objective is to help in relaxation, and to promote an increased state of awareness.

A Prostate Massage is like no other experience you will ever have during A massage.. using a special hand made tool which has been ran thru an autoclave and is operating room and surgically sterile...The  basic way it is performed isv you go in against one side of the prostate... to  A area/ bundle of nerves onThe side of the prostate that makes the prostate and genitalia relax... and you gently massage it... This action triggers the massage to relax... Once it is relaxed you can easily massage the prostate ...(or milk it)...with, a gentle motion which allows for the proastatic  fluid to flow out like a very heavy pre-cum.. but not like any regular pre-cum... because the amount that is milked out is tremendous. ... A lot of guys enjoy this, but this action does not trigger and orgasmic ally effect.. when the prostate is emptied.. you wait about 45 to 60 seconds reposition to the area of the prostate to the nerve bundle that is associated with Extreme pleasure... you massage that area and it triggers and mind blowing room spinning organisms...doing this will make you have one of if not the strongest organism you have ever had.... The room will spin around for a couple of minutes. ... but here's the best part.. Having a Prostate Massage done (correctly) is like taking Viagra, mixed with Cilas on steroids. ... you'll be horned up for the next week... you'll be able to get harder easier, quicker last longer and organism will take on a whole new meaning It's that  indescribably orgasmically, toe curling  good and I'll base my reputation on it each and ever time I can do it and do it correctly. It's the one single thing that can and will significantly improve your sex life, libido (sexual desire and drive) all, the while enhancing sexual  performance allowing you to experience nothing like it ever before But here's the catch 22.... it works miracles for a week, great for 10 days then by 12 to 14 days your back to normal... and ..... then normal is better than before.. and each time you have it done it increases your sexual intensity and acute awareness of how fantastic sexual fulfillment is..... In a 60 min session 1 prostate massage can be done.. In a 90 min session 2 Prostate massages can be done and in,  A 120 min session 3 prostate massages can, be done...  I have often referred to the to way they make you feel like this ..The 1st one is, A room spinning experience... The  2nd one is Earth Shattering and the 3rd is universe Spiraling. .

    A little history about Prostate massages...   It's one of those little secrets some of the world and public knows a little about... but not educated enough to pursue it.... and the people who knows how to do it or have it done has always made sure to keep it A huge secret ..... so they can have and selfishly use it for their own pleasure or the one who knows how to do it for their own profit or gain... It was A tradition since the 3rd Ming dynasty. About 7000 years BC.... only the royalty had it done and they only allowed 2 people to know how to do it.... anyone else possessing this knowledge  was killed ... And the royalty made sure that the  possessors of the knowledge were always made into Eunuchs so, they couldn't know
exactly what it was like to have it done only knowing how to do it.. 

    If you have had any type of Prostate problems such as prostatitis (infection of the prostate massage or an enlarged prostate regular prostate massages can help reduce or even completely alleviate these conditions.. If you have had Prostate cancer or have had you prostate removed (and the nerve bundle are still there then this procedure is not going to work for you...) so please advise me if you have any of those or other prostate problems... before we start..... and if you are doing A 60, 90 or A 120 minute session please let me know if you want a prostate massage and if your doing my most popular sessions 90, or, 120 Minutes please let me km now up front you would like to have multiple prostate massages performed )
I am A very intuitive person
but I am not a mind reader . Plus if it ever feel uncomfortable please let me know so I can stop and readjust the position or stop all together .... even if your not into any type of Prostate play it is still A very viable and extremely positive and more pleasurable than words can explain experience. . If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.. The only stupid, questions are the ones not asked...

As A Man whom has devoted his life to Helping others Live A Better/Healthier and more active Life, which is both Physiologically, Psychologically as well as sexual Health Of the Human Race...
 Let me prove to you the Knowledge that I Possess and Just How
how extraordinary It can make you feel...
I know the body, I love the body and I'm
available to Help You!
Sincerely Brandon
If you Have Any questions about Prostate massage or any other types of Massage Please do not Hesitate to email me at the Link below

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