Massage By Brandon
Providing Professional, Massage Services for the Body and Mind 
Offering Non-Judgmental, Massages with Integrity and Compassion
For All Men, Regardless of Body Size or Type, Race, Sexual Orientation of Legal Age

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Providing Professional Discrete In-Call,
 Full Body Massage Services, for the Most Discerning Clients from All walks of Life. 

"Your Identity Is Always Assured and Respected" 

My Studio is a place where you can truly let go and Be You!
I understand that men have needs that can only be met in the comfortable, company of another man. I offer an experience that, I feel, all men are seeking as all men feel the desire for - the firm touch of another man who understands what you feel.

My goal is to provide you with a safe place to enjoy the relaxing touch of another male, regardless of your sexual orientation
 or marital status
I’m professional and discreet. My Primary focus is on quality massage and the privacy you desire.

Here's what I've discovered in my many years of Massage practice The World is full of pretty faces who think they can make easy money doing "body rubs." Apparently they have trained you guys to accept sub-standard massage accented by what they call "sensual bodywork" which may satisfy the craving every human body has for sexual touch. But it does little to contribute to a deep sense of health, well-being, and satisfaction.

At the other end of the spectrum you get professional massage therapists so horrified by these "body rub guys" that they treat you almost as if you were on a surgical table...isolating the parts of the body they're working on, and Making you a sterile, lifeless experience. You DO deserve more. You deserve a massage therapist who has expert training in both the art and therapy of massage. You deserve a therapist who understands that massage is, by nature and definition, a sensual experience. You deserve a therapist who isn't exploiting you or his profession by focusing his unskilled hands and giving you something you can get from anyone. You deserve something unique, something special...something you can only get from a true holistic massage professional.

Allow me to show you what true massage is like. 
I'll bet you haven't experienced it before. And if you have,
I'll bet it's been a very long time.

Banish your expectations. Other massage guys have trained you to expect a few minutes of mediocre rubbing and a frantic release, so you may be accustomed to this. Forget it. Come to my table trusting that my years of experience and training make me the professional, and that I will guide you through a bodywork
experience that will heal you, free you of stress and tension,
and make you feel like a new, whole person...
something other sensual masseurs could never achieve.

The Art of Massage in the Form of a real deep tissue body massage, sports, trigger point, or accu-pressure,shiatsu or holistic (not just A body rub);  or a more supple, soothing,swedish session.. I'm serious & super talented Let me Iron Out all of
Your Kinks and Knotted muscular as your masseur
the session Can be done in the nude or draped its totally and, all about you, and what feels and works best for you.

Relaxing, sensual, LEGIT and Truly a massage experience for the
The Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Allow me to Show you Nothing less than the difference that ONLY An Experience Massage Therapist Can Provide,  
Knowledge/Wisdom and talent that can
Only be gained from Years of

Knowledge and wisdom learned through hands on experiences; only obtainable after many, ceaseless years of education and continuous private practice.

I Always use an Over-sized professional massage table, with memory Foam. 

I also only use the finest hand blended, and emulsified ALL Natural Oils, that will  leaves you with A soft, 

clean, (never oily or greasy) feeling and they are odorless, and do not stain.
 I always use 

Clean Fresh Linens between each and ever session and shower before and 

after each and ever session; so you can always be assured of Pristine Hygiene and sanitation.


Let me show you why I have been consistently  Ranked as One of the

 10 Best masseurs in the Southeast by Massage Enthusiast .

I'm available for Massage Session ALL 7 Days During the Week
Usually 24 Hours A Day.  Same Day, and Short Notice is Great as Long As I am not already booked... I do work on Appointments, on a first come first serve Basis, but I will always try to work with you any way possible to schedule you an appointment. 

I Promise to Provide you With One of the Best..
If Not the Best Massage Session you have Ever Had.
Call or text me at 828-263-3861
or e-mail me at 
You Will thank Yourself and Me once You Session is Over

Current Rates

NEW Client Special
Extra 30 Minutes Free On A 90, or 120 Minute Session

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90 or 120 minute In-Call session at my 
**May not be used with The Following
                 60 minute sessions,
                    Outcall or
            SC UPstate Locations

To Receive this Web Only New Client              Special text the word
            NEW to
                    or e-mail me
           by clicking on the link below at:

Text:New 828-263-3861 

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